What to Take to the Dry Cleaners and What to Clean at Home

What to Take to the Dry Cleaners and What to Clean at Home

What to Take to the Dry Cleaners and What to Clean at Home

When it comes to clothing, cleaning them the right way is essential. Paying attention to whether something needs to be taken to the dry cleaners can add years to a piece’s life. However, there is no need to take everything to the cleaners. The lists below will tell you how certain items need to be cleaned so that they continue looking great.

Clothing to Take to Dry Cleaners

Certain pieces of apparel are incredibly delicate or have specific instructions for how they need to be cared for. You need to follow those instructions perfectly or else you could seriously damage an expensive item. Here are common items to take to a professional cleaner.



  • Furs: In particular, vintage furs such as fox stoles and mink coats need to be washed by a professional. Washing them at home can cause them to dry out.
  • Leather: Improperly washing leather can cause cracks to develop in the surface. The same is true for any suede items you have.
  • Synthetic Materials: These include clothing containing chiffon or rayon. These fabrics will shrink if exposed to extreme heat.
  • Items With Pleating: You do not want to toss something with pleating into a standard washing machine. A professional can potentially even repair damaged pleating if your item has that.
  • Suits: Take care of your fancy, expensive suits by dropping them off at the cleaners. They will be able to keep it looking crisp and clean for years.
  • Items With Big Stains: Clothing with stains cannot be removed with standard cleaners you get the general store. A professional cleaner has access to powerful solvents and degreasers.

Clothing to Wash Yourself

There is no need to drop off your entire laundry bin at the dry cleaners. You can save money by washing certain things yourself, which include:


  • Denim: Most jeans can simply be tossed in theJeans washing machine and dryer. If you are worried about the material, you can also turn them inside out and let them soak in lukewarm bath water.
  • Cotton and Linen: Wash these items in cool or warm water. Avoid using excessively hot water because that can make the colors fade.
  • Cashmere: Most wool items can be washed at home. Make sure to wash them by hand, and use a mild detergent while doing so.

Clean your clothing the right way so that you continue getting years of use out of them. When you need new hampers or garment bags, turn to Tidy Living.


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