Using Bins to Easily Store Bathroom Essentials

Using Bins to Easily Store Bathroom Essentials

Using Bins to Easily Store Bathroom Essentials

If your morning shower or nightly bath is an important ritual of your day, keep the stress out of this sacred space. With storage bins from Tidy Living, you can create order among your bath and body products for increased relaxation.

Whether your bathroom has products for one person or is a shared space with multiple members of the family, keep bath and beauty items separate with careful organization. The use of storage bins in the bathroom can help you find the gel or soap you are looking for while keeping everything neat and under control.


Countertops and Surfaces

Around your sink or on other surfaces, use open containers to store soaps, shave gels, razors, and more. If you do not have enough counter space, install a floating shelf to hold containers of cotton balls, tissue and makeup remover. Stackable bins are another solution for maximizing minimal counter space and making sure that there is a designated space for all of your products.

Blog52_undersink.jpgUnder the Sink

Inside the cabinets or under the sink, use storage bins to best protect items that you use less frequently. Store your favorite bath salts and candles for the next time you decide to indulge in a long soak. These containers are also great for storing things like hair clippers or back-up products that you may not need to access every day. If you keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom, create a container just for them to avoid cross-contamination with your personal products. Rather than throwing them in the sink cabinet, keep them organized with a closed storage bin.

Decorative Touches

Keep your bathroom organization both functional and appealing with the use of some of our more decorative storage pieces. Implement fabric baskets to hold hair dryers, cosmetics or magazines. Creative touches like woven baskets can be integrated in a bathroom’s interior while adding a welcoming touch.


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