Tips for a Tidier Living Room

Tips for a Tidier Living Room

Tips for a Tidier Living Room

Your living room is very likely the place where you and your family spend the most time. This is where guests are entertained and relatives gather. All this activity means that living rooms tend to be some of the most untidy spaces in the entire home. Keeping this central room clean and organized requires a little bit of strategizing. Think ahead, plan carefully, and then get every member of the family involved. After all, everyone who helps create the mess can help clean it up! Here are some simple tips to help you keep a tidy living room.

Get rid of old magazines and newspapers

Keeping a couple back issues of your favorite magazine is alright; just be careful that your coffee table does not start to look like the recycling bin. Make an effort to keep magazines and newspapers in one place and then discard ones that are getting old. This single change can have significant effects.

blog24_remotes.jpgMake sure everything has a place

Are there things that you are not sure how to store? If so, they probably do not belong in the living room. If items cannot be reasonably stored in another part of the house, find a bin or basket for them to fit in. This is a good way of giving items a distinct place all of their own; this will help when it is time to clean and will help the entire space look less cluttered.

Store media neatly

DVDs, Blu-Rays, games, and other media accumulate fast and look very untidy just piled together. Racks are inexpensive and can be camouflaged with the help of cabinets. As soon as an item is used, be sure to put it back in the correct case and then onto the rack. This will help prevent media from getting lost and damage, too.

Make a habit of vacuuming weeklyblog24_vacuum.jpg

If you dust and vacuum your living room once a week you will be able to take care of little pockets of clutter at the same time. You might make a checklist like this:

  • Collect shoes and put them away
  • Put away backpacks and briefcases
  • Place all cell phones and chargers in the storage drawer
  • Return magazines to their basket
  • Vacuum carpet and area rugs
  • Dust electronics
  • Return media to correct cabinets.

Create a place for mail and action items

Important pieces of mail are likely to get buried under less-important items, so separate out bills and notices into their own basket while placing less time-sensitive pieces of mail in a different basket. This mail center helps each member of the family keep track of correspondence.

Buy storage furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage – such as ottomans with interior cubbies – is a great space-saving solution. Coffee tables, end tables, and even entertainment centers are available with loads of extra storage built right in.

Tidy Living has some great shelving units available that are perfectly compatible with baskets and bins. This is an ideal way to display important items while keeping other belongings tucked out of sight. Your living room will look better in no time.

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