Tidy Messy Dorm Rooms with Hangers that Actually Work

Tidy Messy Dorm Rooms with Hangers that Actually Work Tidy Messy Dorm Rooms with Hangers that Actually Work If you think that hangers are only for clothes, think again! In small spaces like dorm rooms where every bit of storage space counts, hangers can help to get your belongings up off the floor, save space in drawers and even help keep your shoes from cluttering your doorway. Here are a few smart hangers that every college student should have in his or her dorm room. Hanging Shoe OrganizersOTD 20 Pocket Organizer- White Save precious floor space by taking your shoe storage vertical! Our hanging shoe organizers hang either over a door or in a closet, and they feature dozens of faux leather and clear plastic pockets that create a space for every pair. If you want, you can even get creative and use a hanging shoe organizer to organize other accessories, such as jewelry, ties, scarves and more. Non-slip Plastic Hangers Tired of your clothes ending up all over the floor after rummaging through your closet? Try a modern non-slip plastic hanger, which features a non-slip strip of rubber on either side of the hanger. This helps to keep your clothes from falling off the hanger — even those off-the-shoulder blouses! 5PK Suit Solid Wood HangersWooden Suit Hangers Just like delicate clothing items require their own special non-slip hangers, heavy, bulky items require their own heavy duty hangers. Invest in some wooden suit hangers for hanging larger clothing items, such as suits, winter coats or leather goods. 6 Shelf Organizer - YellowHanging Shelf Organizers If the closet in your dorm isn’t equipped with as many shelves as you’d like, try adding a hanging shelf organizer. These are great for storing items like shoes, folded T-shirts, hats and even handbags. Over-the-Door Hooks For those clothing items and accessories that you wear every day, install an over-the-door hook that keeps them within easy reach. These hooks are also great for hanging wet towels or robes when you get out of the shower and take advantage of space you wouldn’t otherwise use. #TidyLiving #TidyNation #tidy #decor #design #lifestyle #clean #storage #organize #dorm #collegelife #dormlife #dormliving #hangingorganizers