Tidy Living Dorm Contest


Don't miss your chance to WIN a dorm makeover!

One grand prize winner will receive a dorm room makeover kit valued at $500 and our Tidy Living Host will deliver and help setup the new dorm!

Two runners -up will win a $50 Tidyliving.com Gift Card

How can you enter? Read on below.

Step 1: Get on social media!

If you are entering via Facebook

Upload a photo of the room you want madeover. Include the hashtag #TIDYNATION #TIDYLIVING AND tag @tidylivingus

Note: you have to 'Like' the pages to tag them. Entries that leave any of these tags off will not be considered.


If you are entering via Twitter or Instagram

Upload a photo of the room you want madeover. Be sure to include the hashtags #TIDYNATION #TIDYLIVING AND tag @tidy_living. Entries that leave any of these tags off will not be considered.

Your tweet and/or Instagram should read something like this:
"I hope I win #TIDYNATION #TIDYLIVING  @tidy_living.  [PIC LINK]"


Step 2: Keep us in the loop! 

After sharing a photo of your dorm, come back to our page and leave a comment listing:

  • your name

  • location (city, state/province)

  • a couple of the Categories you would like items from
  • link to the photo you shared on social media



We will be accepting entries until December 1st, December 9th, 2016. The deadline has been extended! Take a crisp, clear photo / video to share! Winners will be announced the week of 3rd week of December!


Contest winner agrees to the following conditions in regard to video/photo content:
  • All video/photo activities undertaken by Sponsor will not be harmful or damaging to Winner’s dorm space and/or living area.
  • Entrants agree that by entering the contest and providing photo/video content, entrants grant permission to Sponsor to use said content for promotional purposes in perpetuity and without restriction, and furthermore indemnify Sponsor of all liability or harm.
  • Winner agrees to allow Sponsor into his/her dorm space to shoot before and after video/photo material for promotional purposes. Winner also agrees to allow Sponsor to alter the dorm space as necessary, but within reason, to avoid copyright infringement.
  • In the event that Winner’s dorm is on campus and/or owned/operated in association with Winner’s educational institution, Sponsor will make every effort to gain permission from the institution to shoot the necessary video/photo content within Winner’s dorm room, as determined by Sponsor.
  • If permission is not granted by the institution, and Sponsor is denied entry for filming purposes, Winner agrees to film before/after video and photo content of their dorm room, using either a smartphone camera or any other acceptable device, and provide said content to Sponsor for promotional purposes. Winner will be responsible for filming a wide shot of the entire space, as well as individual shots of the products delivered by Sponsor. Winner also agrees to provide a clear photo/video of him/herself in the space.
  • Winner will take every precaution to avoid copyright-infringing content within their photos/videos (such as band logos, movie posters, and other copyrighted material unfit for commercial use). Temporarily removing such items during filming will ensure Sponsor can utilize Winner’s content.
  • Winner agrees that all photo/video content submitted to Sponsor will be used for promotional purposes, in perpetuity and without restriction. Winner indemnifies Sponsor of all liability or harm.