The Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

The Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

The Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

Life sometimes gets in the way, and it’s easy to let things fall by the wayside. If your home looks more cluttered than clean and organized, Tidy Living is here to offer a few clutter-free home tips you can use to improve the appearance and functionality of your home. Now you don’t have to scramble to squeeze in several hours of cleaning 20 minutes before company comes over.

If You Don’t Need It, Get Rid of ItTrash can

Go through your home room by room to see if there’s anything you can get rid of. If there’s something you haven’t used or opened in the past four months, chances are you probably won’t use it in the months to come. Items in your junk drawer, clothes you no longer wear and old decorations are just a few things it might be time to give to the trashman. Because this project can take a while depending on how much you have in your home, it might help to divide tasks and rooms up into separate days.

Have Faith in YourselfNegative emotions

Some homeowners are under the impression that their homes will exist in a perpetual state of clutter. Such a negative mindset won’t do you any favors, nor will it help you get your home spic-and-span. Know that no matter how cluttered your home is, the right dedication, plan of action and attitude will make the job a success. Simply start small and take the process one day at a time, keeping your eyes and actions focused on the prize all the while.

Break Old and Harmful Habits and Replace Them With Productive Ones

Wipe CountersOnce your home is a clutter-free zone, keep it that way by picking up good habits to keep everything in order. For instance, take five to ten minutes a day to wipe down kitchen counters, sweep, scrub the sink or toilet and other tasks that don’t take much effort or time. Additionally, make sure you put items back in their proper place when you’re done with them, and make note of seasonal tasks and maintenance so that you don’t fall behind.

Decide Before You Buy

No matter how tempting it might be to buy a new table, electronic item, fancy gadget, furniture or anything else that takes up space in your home, ask yourself if you really need it. Mulling things over before making an impulse buy can not only keep your home from becoming more cluttered as you buy new things and hang on to old ones, it can keep your finances in good order as well.Impulse puchase

Bear in mind that we aren’t suggesting that you never buy new items for your home, simply that you shouldn’t be so hasty to reach for your wallet or add something else to the list of items taking up unnecessary space in your home. Use what you’ve got now until it’s truly unusable.

Having a clutter-free home is simple with the right tips. As always, Tidy Living is readily available with more suggestions and storage products to keep your life well-organized.


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