Save Space with Retractable Clotheslines

Save Space with Retractable Clotheslines

Save Space with Retractable ClotheslinesClothesline

When it comes to keeping your house tidy, it’s important to come up with innovative organizational ideas that help you achieve that goal. Tidy Living is your one stop shop for affordable home organization tools. Whether storage boxes, garment racks, bins or containers, we have you covered. When you’re looking to save some space with your laundry, consider retractable clotheslines. Not only does it save time, it also saves money. Air drying your clothes is less expensive than tumble drying in your dryer. It also exposes your clothing to less wear and tear, meaning less money spent on replacement clothing.

Many love the idea of hanging their laundry out to dry, but don’t like the look of a clothesline cluttering up one’s space. Thankfully, a retractable clothesline is an easy and convenient way to air dry clothes without extra things lingering around when they aren’t needed. Our retractable Retractable Clotheslineclotheslines are 8.86” X 6.3 x 2” and weigh just 1.32 pounds. This means they won’t take up much room overall. The quick retracting line disappears from sight when it isn’t needed. The mounting bracket and hardware are also conveniently included with your purchase.

This retractable clothesline is a perfect solution for those that want line-dried clothes without a permanent fixture in their laundry space. This space-saving clothesline is designed for wall mounting. Its sturdy bracket is made of a durable material, meaning it will stay in place after installation with ease. Save on energy costs while protecting the environment and increasing the life of your clothes. Talk about a win-win!


At Tidy Living, we are organizational experts that are focused on the customer and your specific needs. We are always ready to help you with storage solutions that can get you organized easily. For all your laundry and other household organizational needs, peruse our large selection of products at


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