Ready to Organize? Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Ready to Organize? Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Ready to Organize? Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Have you ever decided to tackle a disorganized space and found yourself at a loss for where to begin or how to make it better? Chances are your good intentions were paired with common organizing mistakes. Here are pitfalls to avoid and how to get started.

You Can’t Organize ClutterKeep Recycle Trash Donate

No matter how driven a person is to get organized, it simply will not happen if there is too much clutter. The first step is to remove items from your home to allow for space in which to work. Set up four separate containers, labeling them trash, donate, keep and store. Do a swift sweep of each room, tossing items into the appropriate bin. If an item is broken and not repairable, trash or recycle it. Donate any non-seasonal items that you have not used in the last six months along with any object that you do not absolutely love.  Keep items only that you use regularly or that have strong sentimental meaning. Store items that are used seasonally or for special occasions.

Wade In, Don’t Jump

A common mistake is to jump in ready to tackle the entire mess at once. Unfortunately, this can result in scattered efforts, leading you to burn out before you see much of a change. Instead, designate one area to be the focal space at a time. Make this a single room or even a single flat surface. Create a system that will allow you to organize with intent, leading to better management of hotspots down the road.

Once you decide on the purpose of a space, add in furniture or organizing materials that can help keep you on point. For instance, purchase an open container to place on the table near your front door where keys can immediately be deposited upon entry and picked up before you leave. Add in a bin to collect the mail, if this is where it ends up getting stacked anyways. Do not buy a stack of generic storage containers; purchase bins, racks and other organizational good that work specifically to address your needs.

Organized Room

Organizing is not a once-in-a-while task; to keep on top of it you must create on-going habits. Pick up after yourself immediately and, when leaving a room, take a quick glance to see whether you left anything out of place. Create daily sweep sessions where you allot 10 minutes to walk through your home and place things back into their proper places. We have plenty of storage bins and an array of organizational containers that can help you get your home on track



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