Protect Your Luggage With These 7 Tips

Protect Your Luggage With These 7 Tips

Protect Your Luggage With These 7 Tips

If you travel often, then you need high-quality luggage bags to carry around all the essentials. As you travel, there are certain things to keep in mind, so you do not have to worry about anything getting damaged or lost.

1. Get Insurance

Insurance may seem like a superfluous expenditure. However, if something happens to your stuff, you will be thankful you have it. Most airlines offer an insurance policy when you purchase a ticket. You can also usually get it through a travel agency.

Duct Tape

2. Have Duct Tape Handy

Duct tape can fix virtually anything. If you discover a hole in your luggage, then you may be fearful that more damage is going to occur. With duct tape readily available, you can quickly patch up holes, so you are ready to go.

dreamstime_s_85268707.jpg3. Avoid Putting Fragile Items in Your Luggage

If you absolutely must travel with fragile items, you may be able to put a “Fragile” sticker on your bag. However, most baggage handlers do not give those stickers any attention. Avoid travelling with delicate materials, or put them in your carry-on bag if you can.

4. Consider Shipping ItemsShipping Items

In the event you absolutely need something fragile on your trip, you should think about shipping it instead of storing it in luggage. By shipping it through the mail, you can be confident it will be handled with more care. This is especially useful when you need glass items at your destination.

5. Get a Bag That Is Easy to Spot

When you go to a store to get bags, you will likely find that they all look alike. Most bags are rectangular and black. This can make it difficult to find on the conveyor belt. Get something with a more recognizable design.

6. Get Luggage ProtectorLuggage Covers

There are various protectors you can get that cover your luggage. This makes it less likely that the bag itself is going to get damaged while it is in transit. Most of the time, you can find something at the airport.  This can also help your bag to be quickly recognizable. Check out some of Tidy Living's luggage covers here.

7. Keep Copy of Itinerary in Bag

It may seem impossible for your luggage to get back to you once it is lost. However, you can help airline staff return your bags so much more easily if you keep a copy of your itinerary inside the bag. This will allow the professions to forward it to you.

Travelling should be fun. Do not give yourself headaches by improperly managing your luggage. Get a great, recognizable luggage cover by visisting Tidy Living.


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