Out of the Box Toy Storage

Out of the Box Toy Storage

Out of the Box Toy Storage

Toy boxes come in the cutest designs, it’s hard to resist adding one to a child’s room. However, they aren’t actually the most effective storage solutions, all on their own. Fortunately, Tidy Living has a wide variety of products which can make them more effective.

Keep Small and Favorite Playthings HandyRound Fabric Basket

Smaller toys, or tiny pieces of larger toys, tend to get buried and can be difficult to find. It can be an enormous help to have those smaller items, or favorites that are taken out most often, in smaller containers for easy access.

A round or rectangle basket made from soft material, or a small woven basket, is perfect for young children to keep their most beloved toys in. These baskets are exactly the right size to keep an assortment of playthings handy. The fabric construction will keep even the smallest children from being hurt.

Keep Your Rooms Neat and LovelyFabric Bin Lagoon Blue

Another problem with toy boxes is that they are not very portable. Yet children sometimes want to bring their toys to the kitchen, family room or even your beautiful living room.

Constantly returning those items to the toy box can get old fast, but toys aren’t the most stunning décor accents. Keeping stylish bins and baskets in various rooms make it easy to just toss them out of the way, even on the way to answer the door.

There are fabric covered bins in black, brown, red and a pretty lagoon blue, which are collapsible, so you can just hide them away when not in use. Or you could go with a stylish rattique basket, for a different look. All of these items have handles or handholds, making it easy to move toys back and forth to where they belong. Now you can keep your kids happy while your home stays tidy and elegant.


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