Organize Your Way to a Fresh Start

Organize Your Way to a Fresh Start

Organize Your Way to a Fresh Start

As you get ready to embrace the start of a brand new year, you may be consumed with thoughts of becoming neater and more organized. While there is nothing more exciting than taking advantage of a fresh start, you may need to make some adjustments to your habits and lifestyle so that your efforts don’t go to waste. Here are some ways you can start anew by bringing some organization to your home.

First, you’ll need to decide where you want to start. If you have a tendency to procrastinate about the bathroom or the linen closet, you may want to start there while your energy is at its highest. Or, if you want to tackle the less congested areas of your home first so you can have more progress, that’s fine too. No matter where you start, do not stop and start another area until you are finished.

Linen Closet and Bathroom

When dealing with the linen closet, you should remove everything from it. Take a good look at what you are pulling out and decide if you want to keep it or not. Throw away items that you no loblog05_drawer.jpgnger need and haven’t used for at least three months. Assess the space inside of your linen closet. Think about why you’ve had trouble keeping it organized. If there isn’t enough space, that can be easily remedied with the use of collapsible storage boxes and fabric drawers. Storage containers allow you to give everything its own space so that you won’t feel so inclined to just toss it anywhere.

You can also use collapsible storage boxes in your bathroom drawers. All of your knick-knacks, personal items and anything else that you tend to toss in a drawer to keep out of sight can now be kept nice and neat. If you have some space above your toilet or room inside of the bathroom itself, the addition of medium or large baskets and storage cubes can really help you to keep those areas neat. Not only do they add some much-needed space to the room, but they also add some creative appeal to the existing décor.

Bedroom and Closets 

Adding a little additional storage to your bedrooms is a great idea if they aren’t normally kept as tidy as you’d like them to be. Keep shoes and accessories out of the way and easily accessible with underbed storage bags, boxes and shoe containers. Straighten up your closets by adding more space to properly store your clothes. Tidy Living closet systems, organizers and shelves can give you more room without you having to hire a contractor to tear down any walls.

Of course, once you’ve gotten everything organized the way you want, you’ll need to take the time to put things where they belong each time they are used. This may require a little more energy on your part. However, after you do it for so long, it’ll become like second nature. You’ll enjoy being able to access everything you need and want without having to use excess time and energy to find them.

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