Organizational Essentials for Back to College

Organizational Essentials for Back to College

Organizational Essentials for Back to College

Campus life often means dorm or apartment living with very little space to store your clothes and essentials. That’s why our Tidy Living Back-to-Campus Organizer Bundle is so handy with everything you need to get organized in your new place. Here are the Items in the bundle that can make the most of your space and keep things in order. Each of the items will help you move through your day in an easier and more organized fashion.

Shower Caddy BagShower Caddy - White

Our mesh shower caddy bag can handle getting wet and dries quickly. It can keep all of your bathroom essentials together so you can easily transport them to the bathroom and back. With multiple compartments, your bag will organize your soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner all together so you don’t have to search for them every time you take a shower. The center compartment holds your bath towel, yet when not in use, the caddy bag is compact enough to stow away on a shelf or under the sink.

10 Shelf Hanging Organizer10 Shelf Hanging Organizer

The 10 shelf hanging organizer is built slim to take up less horizontal space with your clothes but is extra-long to make the most of the vertical space in your wardrobe area. Made with versatility in mind, this hanging organizer can stow a wide variety of wardrobe essentials, yet make those items easily accessible to you when you are running out the door to get to class. The hanging organizer is perfect for storing:

  • Shoes
  • Scarves, mittens, and hats
  • Purses
  • Folded sweaters and tops

Nonslip Plastic HangersNonslip Slim Plastic Hangers

Have you ever been frustrated by pieces of clothing that can’t seem to stay on a hanger? Our nonslip plastic hangers take care of this problem and keep all of your clothes neat and off of the floor. A five pack of these handy hangers are included in the bundle, and if you need more, you can purchase them individually on our site.

Underbed BagUnderbed Bag

An underbed bag is a great solution for storing items that you only need occasionally or that are out of season. This frees up your wardrobe while utilizing what would otherwise be a wasted space. Store an extra blanket, sweaters, boots, and coats in this handy, lightweight storage powerhouse. Since items are in a bag, they will not collect dust yet can be easily accessed when needed.

Pop-up HamperPop up hamper - Grey

Everyone needs a hamper to throw dirty clothes in and take them to the laundry, but in a dorm or apartment living situation with roommates, there is hardly room for a bulky bin. That is why we include a pop-up hamper in this organizational bundle. When not in use, this hamper folds down to be stored under your bed or in your wardrobe.

Save space and time with these great essentials that are bundled for a great value. Tidy Living is your one-stop online shop for all of your organization needs when you are going back to school or moving out with roommates. Order your back-to-campus organizer bundle today from Tidy Living so you are ready to move to school.




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