Makeup Madness: How to Organize Beauty Products

Makeup Madness: How to Organize Beauty Products

Makeup Madness: How to Organize Beauty Products

Minimize clutter in your vanity, bathroom drawer or under the sink with makeup organization tips from Tidy Living. We understand the value of keeping even little objects neatly organized. Rather than digging through an organized container for your favorite lip gloss or eye shadow, keep them in a controlled system that will help you stay both beautiful and organized.


In the Bathroom

If you keep most of your cosmetic and beauty products in the bathroom, clean out the drawer under your sink and try some new systems. Stackable wire baskets are a perfect way to organize lotions, nail polish and bath products. Organize your products by type and keep them easily accessible with these open, stackable arrangements. Using a stackable basket organizer is another way to create divisions within a compartment to store brushes, blushes and mascaras in separate areas.

In the Dressing AreaBlog51_woven.jpg

For the cosmetics and beauty products kept in your bedroom, you have a greater range of options to choose from. Consider using small fabric baskets or drawers to keep your go-to cosmetics. Depending on your design aesthetic, woven baskets may be more to your liking to store cosmetics on your dresser or closet.

Blog51_tote.jpgOn the Go

If you love to have your favorite scents, powders and glosses on hand, look at our utility totes with compartments that can hold moisturizers, brushes and small mirrors. Keep this tote with you to maintain a fresh glow all day long.

Specialty Products

We all have favorite products that do not get regular use. Whether you like to indulge with a face mask or deep conditioner once a month or use a makeup palette with bold colors for special occasions, a storage bin may be a great way to keep these items separate from your everyday products. Close these up with a lid and pull them out for a special night out or a day of extra pampering.


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