Kitchen Hack: Wire Baskets for Spice Organization

Kitchen Hack: Wire Baskets for Spice Organization

Kitchen Hack: Wire Baskets for Spice Organization

Whether your kitchen is short on cabinet space or you’re simply looking for a way to tidy up inside of your existing storage spaces, wire baskets can help you to corral those spice bottles and other seasonings once and for all. Here are some helpful tips for using wire baskets to organize your spices — and maybe even expand your collection.

  • First, remove all of the spices from your cabinet or wherever you currently store them. Go through your entire collection and throw away anything that is empty or outdated.

  • If you have a deep drawer, you can use mesh storage trays from Tidy Living to line the drawer and fill it with spices. This allows you to keep the spice bottles from rolling around or toppling over each other.


  • If you prefer to store your spices in a cabinet, try out one of our stackable wire baskets. These are especially great when placed at eye level in a cabinet, because they allow you to view your spice jar labels and easily find the spices you’re looking for.

  • If you’re still short on storage space, you can even use a wire basket or bin to store your spices right out in plain sight. Place a series of metal mesh bins on the counter and neatly line your spices inside, or use some simple hardware to mount a metal basket to your wall in and place spices inside.

  • If you’re even handier, you can even create an over-the-door hook and mounting system to place a metal bin of spices inside of your cabinet or pantry door. This allows you to keep your spices hidden without taking up space inside of a cabinet.



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