Keeping Up With Your House: When to Clean What

Keeping Up With Your House: When to Clean What

Keeping Up With Your House: When to Clean What

How clean is your home? Whether you’re just starting out on your own and taking care of your first home or you’re turning over a new, cleaner leaf, having a cleaning schedule home ensures you know what needs to be cleaned and when and you can even keep track of the schedule with an app or a wall chart to ensure you never forget to mop or wash the windows again.

Things to Clean Often 

When it comes to daily chores, you already know to wash the dishes and pick up after yourself, but Blog35_dust.jpgthere are other tasks you should perform at least once per week, if not more often. These include laundry, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning sinks and toilets. Most people do laundry about once per week, but you may need to do it more of less often depending on how large your wardrobe is. Typically, dusting and vacuuming can be done once per week as well, although you should do it more often if you have allergies or tend to track in dirt from outside. Sinks and toilets can have a lot of buildup by the end of the week. Avoid putting these off as doing so can cause the spread of germs.

Things to Clean Occasionally

Some parts of your home require regular cleaning, but not so much that you need to put them on the

Clean your sinks

weekly chore chart. For most people, these parts include the windows and the shower or bathtub. Windows may not seem very important, but when they are free of dust or streaks, you can better appreciate the view of the outside. Additionally, people coming to your front door may take notice,

which can be a point of pride. The shower and bathtub don’t need cleaning as often as sinks or toilets because the soap and shampoo you use tends to "help" the process. However, the moisture showers bring about can cause mildew over time, so it is still important to clean with a mildew-resistant cleaner from time to time. Typically, you can do this every two or three weeks.

Things to Clean RarelySteam clean

Furniture, curtains, carpets, duvets and blankets all attract dust bunnies, pet dander and other debris as they are used. You can wash duvets and blankets about once per month, although it's perfectly fine to do it more often if you prefer. Every few months, rent a steam cleaner or have a professional come in to remove bacteria and buildup from your carpets, sofas and curtains. Experts agree you only need to do this once or twice per year, unless you have allergies, in which case you should steam clean more regularly.

Things to Help You Stay on Track

It’s easier to clean if your home is organized. If your dirty laundry is scattered about, your clean laundry tends to stay piled up in the corner or your shoes are all over the house, you aren’t likely to feel motivated to keep up with other chores. Tidy Living provides portable products to help you stay organized, even in small spaces. Sign up now and receive 20 percent off your order when we launch.


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