How to Get a Cleaner Home and Make Money Doing It

How to Get a Cleaner Home and Make Money Doing It

How to Get a Cleaner Home and Make Money Doing It

If your house has fallen into a state of disarray with a lot of items lying around, then you may lack the willpower to clean it up effectively. However, living in a cluttered house can lead to stress and poor health. You need to be proactive, and there is a great silver lining to making the effort to clean up. You may be able to make a decent amount of money afterward.

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For cleaning and reorganizing entire rooms, you need a strategy beforehand. It is easy to get overwhelmed, but if you go in with a plan, you will be more likely to follow this project through. In fact, cleaning a house can even be fun with the right attitude.

For starters, you want to slowly make your way across a room. You do not want to clean up random blog46_friends.jpgpoints or else you could forget where you have already cleaned. Start in one corner and slowly make y to get stressed trying to your way to the other end. As you go along, you should make piles of items you want to keep and items you want to get rid of. You can also have a “Maybe” pile for things you are not sure if you will still need months from now.

As you are cleaning, you should be mindful to take enough breaks. It is easdetermine what should stay and go. Make yourself some tea and rest for 15 minutes periodically. At the end of the break, you will have a clearer mind for how you need to organize everything.

Finally, if the task seems to daunting to tackle on your own, invite your friends over. Have snacks and drinks available, and dedicate an afternoon to cleaning up and enjoying one another’s company. Your friends can also provide an objective viewpoint as to whether you should hang onto certain things.

Blog46_ebay.jpgTips for Making Money

Now you might be wondering how exactly you make money by cleaning. Once you have a pile of things you are willing to part with, you can look into selling them on eBay, Craiglist or some other service. You probably will not get rich, but someone out there might be willing to give you some money for your old clothes. If you are unsure if you can sell something, then you should at least look into donating it if it is still in decent condition.

At the end of one of these projects, you will have a cleaner home and maybe some extra cash in your pocket. To help keep things organized in the future, check out some awesome supplies such as hangers and shelves from Tidy Living.


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