How to End Closet Chaos

How to End Closet Chaos

How to End Closet Chaos

Are you one of the millions of people who have one of “those” closets? You know the type. The entire house may be spotless, but if you open the wrong door, a flood of sports equipment, old coats, random shoes and your missing cat spills out in one giant, scary avalanche. Now’s the time to get rid of your closet of chaos. The following steps will help you organize your closet.

1. Take Everything Out

Begin by taking everything out of the closet or closets that need to be organized. Place it all on your bed. You won't be tempted to procrastinate on reorganizing if it means you can't sleep comfortably. For some people, the sheer amount of stuff accumulated is enough to get them sorting. However, if you are someone who has trouble with either buying too much stuff to begin with or never getting rid of any of it, you may need further incentive. To find out the true cost of your closets, grab a pen and paper and price every item, estimating if you can't remember exactly. Now add it all up, then divide it by how much money you make per hour. This tells you how many hours you worked to purchase everything in your closets. When presented with this information, you will probably realize you don't need all of it and start the purging process.

2. Put Some Stuff Back

Don't go crazy with this part. Just because you wore something five years ago and loved how it looked doesn't mean you're going to wear it again. Carefully examine each piece, sorting them into piles as you go.

  • Keep: Put only your very favorite items in this pile. It should be reserved for items you wear often, family heirlooms and other important items.
  • Sell: Use this pile for clothing and other items that are brand new or barely used. This is the best place for that outfit you just had to have but never wore.
  • Donate: This pile should be for gently used items that others could benefit from. You can take them to a thrift store or homeless shelter. If you don't want to go through the hassle of selling items, add them to the donate pile as well.
  • Trash: Toss anything too damaged to sell or donate into this pile.
  • Considering: Chances are you'll have some items you can't decide about. Put them in a box and store them. If you haven't used them within six months, discard them.

3. Repeat These Steps Periodically

If you want to keep your closets organized, you can’t wait until they are overflowing with stuff to clean them out. As a rule of them, you should go through your closets at least twice per year — once when the weather starts getting warm and once when it starts getting cold. It is also important that you have enough storage space, a problem that is especially prevalent in apartments and small homes. Portable storage can remedy this problem. Tidy Living is the spot to find garment racks, laundry sorters, shelves and other items to keep your space clean.  and we’ll give you 20 percent off your first order.

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