Five Tips for Great Underbed Storage Solutions

Five Tips for Great Underbed Storage Solutions

Five Tips for Great Underbed Storage Solutions

Coming up with novel and innovative storage ideas is a challenge that every household is likely to encounter at some point. The space under the bed actually offers lots of potential for storage and organization, but getting the most out of this area takes a little bit of planning. Implement these tips when developing underbed storage and you will discover that this extra bit of space has loads of potential.

blog19_bed.jpgGet Accurate Measurements

Before going out and purchasing several new bins and boxes, take time to measure the useful area underneath each bed you want to use as a storage space. Remember that bed legs and other props may present obstacles to very large bins, so measure on the inside of these. With this information you can purchase containers that are perfectly suited for the space you actually have available.

Think Inside the Box

One common complaint is that underbed storage is challenging because the bins are simply too large to keep organized. Many bins are designed to fit comfortably inside one another so you can organize items in a convenient manner without smaller items getting lost. This is especially good for complex collections of items, such as holiday decorations. Small, fragile items can be securely packed into bins that are the perfect size; these bins can then be nested into larger containers.

Think About Lifting the Bedblog23_bed.jpg

Bed lifts are sturdy, stable props that can add several inches of height to the bed. Many people like lifts because they make the bed easier to get into and out of; additional storage space is just a happy bonus. You might discover that lifts actually make your bed more comfortable as a result; lift sets are inexpensive, so consider giving them a try.

Look for Bins With Wheels and Handles

Getting heavy bins out from underneath the bed can be a big obstacle to organization. Thankfully, you can find containers of many sizes with built-in wheels and handles. Bins designed for easy use are especially valuable for children, the elderly, and anyone else who might struggle to safely organize a heavy storage container. You will find that containers that are easy to move and user-friendly will actually get a lot more use than those that are not.

Consider Vacuum-Packing Bulky Items

Vacuum-packing systems are affordable and convenient storage solutions that are perfectly suited for large, bulky items that take up lots of space. These are just some of the items that you can vacuum pack:

  • Down coats and vests
  • Fluffy comforters and pillows
  • Vintage quilts
  • Sweaters made from silk, wool, angora, or other fine fibers
  • Guest bedding
  • Out of season active wear or sports uniforms
  • Dance costumes
  • Formalwear

These are some of the most challenging items to store and simply hanging them in a closet is often not a great solution. Silk and wool garments might be the target of insect activity while delicate formal gowns might be jostled or damaged by excessive handling.

Using underbed storage will help you make more room in your closet. Tidy Living offers a great selection of garment storage solutions, including adaptable wardrobes, shelves, and even hangers that keep all your storage spaces perfectly organized.

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