Feng Shui: Using Plants to Bring Peace and Prosperity to Your Home

Feng Shui: Using Plants to Bring Peace and Prosperity to Your Home

Feng Shui: Using Plants to Bring Peace and Prosperity to Your Home

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging your home to increase the harmony between the five essential elements: Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal. Feng Shui plants bring the natural world into the home and can be a powerful element in Feng Shui design.

Purifying PlantsFicus Alii

Plants are great for purifying the air in your home. The best plants for removing toxins and increasing oxygen flow are:

  1. Areca Palm
  2. Bamboo Palm
  3. Boston Fern
  4. Rubber Plant
  5. Dracaena Janet Craig
  6. Dwarf Date Palm
  7. English Ivy
  8. Ficus Alii
  9. Lady Palm

Channeling Chi

Chi is the life force or energy of your home. By placing the right type of plant in the best location, you can keep this energy flowing comfortably.

  • Pointed leaves move Chi quickly and can keep energy from becoming trapped in stagnant corners.
  • Bushy plants slow the flow of Chi in long corridors.
  • Fragrant flowers activate Chi and can boost your energy and mood.
  • Round, floppy leaves have a calming energy. Place these soothing plants in your bedroom or anywhere you want to relax

Essential Elements

Each element of Feng Shui has its own power. Different types of plants represent different elements, and these can be used to balance the elements throughout your home.

  • Avoid putting spiky, prickly and star-leafed plants in small rooms. They encourage Fire energy that can be dangerous in small spaces. Instead, put these plants in the far middle of the home – the Fame sector.
  • Tall plants and small trees should go in the Family section, or the middle left of the home, where they encourage strength and stability.
  • Don’t put tall, woody plants in the middle of the room where, like tree roots, they can cause upheaval.
  • Tree-like plants are also helpful in the kitchen, where they support the Fire of cooking. Place them between the refrigerator or sink and the stove to keep Water away from Fire.
  • Tall, woody plants are also helpful in the bathroom, where they can drain excess Water elements.
  • Plants in multiples of three can increase harmony in relationships. However, this combination should not be used in the bedroom, which should contain few plants.
  • Cut flowers are the best addition to the bedroom. Floppy plants with Yin energy are also okay, but most other plants are not.
  • Draping plants represent Water and can soften sharp edges and corners. However, they can also increase depression, so if this is an issue try non-plant cures like mobiles or refracting crystals.

Beneficial BambooBamboo

Bamboo is considered especially lucky and can bring a peaceful energy to the home. Indoor bamboo plants should contain all five elements:

  • Wood – the bamboo plant
  • Water – the water it is nourished with
  • Earth – the rocks inside the planter
  • Fire – the red ribbon tied around the pot
  • Metal – the glass pot, or metal coin or figurine inside the pot

The number of stalks in the bamboo plant can bring different types of luck. Choose a plant that suits your goals for your life.

  • Three stalks = Happiness
  • Five stalks = Health
  • Two stalks = Love and Marriage
  • Eight stalks = Wealth and Abundance
  • Nine stalks = Good Fortune

The right plants can create balance and harmony in your home. Eliminating clutter and organizing your home can also increase your feelings of peace and prosperity. Our storage solutions can help you to make your home happier and more harmonious.


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