Essential Tips for Organizing Your Laundry Room

Essential Tips for Organizing Your Laundry Room

Essential Tips for Organizing Your Laundry Room

Does your laundry room have piles of clean and dirty clothes everywhere? If you feel a bit scared every time you need to wash clothes, it’s time to get organized. Use these essential laundry organize tips to streamline your space and make your chores more pleasant.

Streamline Everything

Do not make more work for yourself by storing your detergent and other laundry necessities away from your washer and dryer. Chances are you’ll either do less washing or end up leaving everything on top of the washer and dryer. Install a shelf directly above or beside your appliances so everything is within easy reach.

Set Up a Stain Defense Station

If your laundry room has a sink, set up a stain defense area in this section. If it doesn’t, set it up close to the washer. Include club soda, water, stain removal sticks and any other stain-busting products you use on your washable and non-washable items. Make it even more efficient by laminating a chart that explains how to remove certain types of stains and hanging it on the wall directly in front of the space.

Designate a Basket for Each PersonBlog38_wicker.jpg

If your family has so many clothes that it’s hard to keep track of who owns what, implement a basket system. Wicker baskets or plastic totes allow you to attach tape or a tag with a name on it. Give each person a basket to hold their clothes. Was each person’s clothes separately to avoid the inevitable arguments over coveted t-shirts in the household.

Create Double-Duty Spaces

Unless you are one of the lucky few who has a large laundry room, you may find yourself without any wiggle room. Save space without giving up essential parts of your laundry room by creating areas that perform more than one task. If there is a closet in the room, install a fold-out ironing board that makes it easy to iron and go. Adjustable shelves allow you to create as many or as few as you need at any given time and prevent baskets of clean linens or towels from piling up.

Add a Drying RackBlog38_rack.jpg

If you have clothes that can’t be put into the dryer, adding a place to hang them ensures they remain fresh and don’t end up accidentally wadded up in a bundle and forgotten about by the time you finish the rest of the laundry. In a small room, the shelf above your washer and dryer can double as a drying area if you attach a shower rod underneath. Ensure it is high enough to account for the length of any garments.

It doesn’t take much to organize your laundry room. All it takes is a couple of spare hours in the afternoon. By choosing versatile and portable products for organizing the room, you save space and time and can even take your setup with you if you move. Tidy Living is an up-and-coming company. We plan to provide portable garment racks, laundry sorters, shelves and more to meet your organization needs. to our website and receive an exclusive 20 percent off code at launch.

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