Declutter and Decorate Your Home Office with Tidy Living

Declutter and Decorate Your Home Office with Tidy Living

Declutter and Decorate Your Home Office with Tidy Living

After all the work you put in to make your home office as stylish as it is functional, the last thing you want to see is a lot of clutter ruining the effect. Of course, ugly containers for the clutter won’t be much help either. So the smart thing to do is get elegant storage solutions from Tidy Living to help you declutter and decorate your home office simultaneously.

Here is a selection of items that will make quick work of any clutter, while adding lovely décor accents to your home office.

Small Rattique BasketSmall Rattique Basket – This small basket is the perfect size to keep on your desk for pens, scissors and other office supplies that you want to keep close at hand for easy access but would look messy when scattered around your desktop.

Chic Storage Bins – Whether you have magazines and newspapers piling up or you need easy access to wrapping paper and craft supplies, decorative storage bins will keep your home office both tidy and looking great. There are collapsible fabric bins in black or grey, as well as folding fabric colored drawers in black, brown, red and blue. A larger rattique basket is also available to coordinate with a small one on your desk.Stackable 8-Cube Organizer in Natural

Wall unit for cube organizers – This is a great piece of furniture if you are frequently working on projects or crafts that will require a great deal of supplies. Fortunately, they are now available in a variety of versatile sizes and configurations.

Wood wardrobe with 4 shelves – If your home office is sometimes used as a guest room, you may want to offer them a space in which to store their belongings without taking away from the style of your room. This unit has plenty of space, and it comes with a neutral canvas cover that will complement many types of décor.

All of these and more are available from Tidy Living to help you decorate your home office while keeping the clutter to a minimum


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