Best Storage Containers for Closets

Best Storage Containers for Closets

Best Storage Containers for Closets

Storage containers are an easy and inexpensive way to organize your closet to your own specifications. They offer flexibility and allow you to keep selected items together. There are plenty of storage containers on the market designed to simplify your life, so let’s break down the best of the best.

Foldable Fabric BinsIf you find your unmentionables are taking over your drawer space, check out our collapsible lingerie organizer drawers. They feature built-in dividers to help you organize by color, type, fabric and more. Perfect for bras, underwear, socks and scarves, these organizer drawers help keep everything in one spot and fit easily in your closet.

Stackable Basket OrganizerStackable organizers are another inexpensive way to clear out clutter. The mesh containers are see-through, so finding your items is a breeze – no need to rifle through each container trying to locate that one scarf or your favorite pair of shoes. And since they stack, there’s no limit to how many you can use. They’re great for accessories, socks, outdoor gear and so much more.

If you have shelves in your closet, rather than piling sweater upon sweater into a heaping disorganized pile, fabric storage bins will keep your items neat and within reach. They’re available in a variety of different hues, so you can even color-code your items for more organization. They have handles on each side, so it’s easy to take them off the shelf when you need to grab something. The bins work well for seasonal clothing, so you can neatly store your shorts and tank tops to make way for the wool sweaters.6 Shelf Hanging Organizer

Hanging compartments are also a popular way to keep your closet nice and neat. Simply hang them over the existing rod in your closet and organize the compartments to your liking. They’re great for everything from sweaters and shoes to purses and workout gear – and offer you a ton of extra space.

Let Tidy Living help you get organized with our wide selection of storage containers. From stackable bins to colorful cubes, we have the answer to all your closet conundrums.


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