Best Bins to Store Blankets and Pillows for the Couch

Best Bins to Store Blankets and Pillows for the Couch

Best Bins to Store Blankets and Pillows for the Couch

Whether you just like to snuggle up while binge watching Netflix or you have overnight guests on a sofa bed, extra pillows and blankets can sometimes cause your beautifully decorated room to look like a disaster zone. The best bins to store blankets and pillows for the couch from Tidy Living make it easy to deal with that problem.

Keep these stylish bins next to your sofa. Then it will Fabric Storage Binsbe simple matter to just take them out when you need them and toss them back when you’re done.

A lovely woven rattique basket will add an eye-catching décor accent to your room as it holds a couple of extra sofa throws. Built-in open handholds allow you to move it around to where it will be most convenient.

Fabric storage bins are another elegant addition to any room. The handholds on these are reinforced with metal grommets, which not only provide stability for carrying the bins around, but also a dash of style. Available in a chic black and a softer grey, they are perfect for holding any blankets or pillows you may want near the couch for easy access.

Foldable Fabric Bin Lagoon BlueFolding fabric drawers are an extremely versatile solution for storing blankets and pillows to use on your couch. For one thing, they are collapsible. So if you only need them when hosting guests on a sofa bed, they can be folded flat and put away once your guests depart.

However, these folding fabric drawers are so lovely, you may want to just keep them out permanently. They can even add a splash of color to your room, since they are available in red and a pretty shade of lagoon blue, as well as lovely neutral black and brown.

Use any of these fabulous bins from Tidy Living to keep blankets and pillows close to your couch without making the room look messy.


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