5 Ways to Streamline This Year’s Spring Cleaning

5 Ways to Streamline This Year’s Spring Cleaning

5 Ways to Streamline This Year’s Spring Cleaning

The days are longer, the windows are opening … and you cannot help but notice how much your home is in need of a deep clean. Here are five tips for a successful spring cleaning to get the job done so you can relax and enjoy your home.

Plan Workspace1. Create a Vision

Sure, you want your house clean. However, having a clear vision of what you want that space to be goes a long way towards getting it in shape. Designate areas for a specific purpose. For instance, the kitchen is most likely for cooking, storing food and eating, but you may also have a desk or counter space designated for homework and bill paying. Create a layout of where racks, shelving or bins will be placed within a zone. Decide what will live there and eliminate items that do not fit the criteria.

2. Have Supplies ReadyCleaning Supplies

When you are ready to take on a task, the last thing you need is to stop to locate or purchase necessary supplies. Take inventory beforehand of what is necessary to complete the job and have it on hand. This includes cleaning rags, surface cleaners, working vacuums, and any other cleansers and supplies needed. If a closet is on your to-do list, have shoe storage and other closet organizing materials handy to get the task completed without stopping midway through. Be sure to include items that complement your vision for the space.

To Do List3. Delegate

Spring cleaning is seldom a one-person job. Make a list of age-appropriate chores and divvy them out to each family member. If you have multiple people in the house working at once, have enough supplies on hand so everyone can clean simultaneously.

4. Declutter and Donate

Focus on hotspots that tend to attract clutter. Remove anything that does not belong in that space and create “homes” for everything that remains. Have a bin designated for the donation station where you can easily toss in items that have outlived their welcome and throw away things that no longer work.

5. Celebrate the Little WinsCelebrate Wins

Your home did not get to this state overnight so you cannot expect it to be cleaned in a day. Set up small incentives for the family to celebrate when milestones are hit. Garage is finished? Order pizza! Bedrooms are cleaned and tidy? Perhaps take the family on a bowling outing to celebrate.

Let us help you get your home the way you want it without spending a fortune. Whether you are looking for organizational bins or storage racks, TidyLiving.com can get you set up for a successful spring cleaning.


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