5 Ways to Organize Your Desktop

5 Ways to Organize Your Desktop

5 Ways to Organize Your Desktop

When it comes to getting more organized, most people focus on the physical world. However, routinely cleaning the space on your desktop computer is just as valuable. Take time to clean it out and organize it once in a while so that you never lose track of important items.

1. Minimize Folders and Icons

The initial desktop screen is where you can place folders and documents you need often. You do not want to get in the habit of simply putting everything on this homepage because soon it is going to get cluttered, and you will have trouble finding anything. Carefully look at everything currently taking up space on the screen and determine what can be moved elsewhere.

2. Choose Smart WallpaperBlog85_wallpapert.jpg

You do not want your desktop’s wallpaper to be too busy. You want something basic that will not get in the way. You can also download sectioned wallpaper that will make it easier to categorize documents and folders. If nothing else, you should stick with a landscape picture or a photo of your family that will motivate you to work your hardest.

3. Clean Browser and Cache HistoryBlog85_cache.jpg

This area gets filled up fast and can seriously slow down your internet speed. Clean them out regularly so that your system can speed up. To avoid losing passwords and login information to certain sites, make sure everything is written down beforehand.

4. Clear Trash Bin RegularlyBlog85_trash.png

You might delete something, but that does not mean it is actually gone forever. To do that, you need to clear out your desktop’s trash bin. Set aside some time once every few weeks to do this.

5. Follow These Smaller Tips

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. To get more use out of your desktop, here are some additional tasks you can carry out with frequency.

  • Delete duplicates
  • Save certain files on USB drives so that you can delete them from your desktop
  • Choose names for files that are easy to understand
  • Categorize documents according to whether they are needed for business or personal use
  • Store each type of multimedia in a different folder, including videos, pictures, etc.

Most of these tasks do not take much time to complete. Therefore, it is prudent to take just 10 minutes out of the day to optimize your desktop so that it continues running optimally for your needs. Once your computer is clean, you can focus on cleaning the rest of your home, and Tidy Living can help out greatly.


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