5 Simple Strategies to Cut Down Clutter

5 Simple Strategies to Cut Down Clutter

5 Simple Strategies to Cut Down Clutter

Do you own your stuff, or does your stuff own you? If you feel like all your time is spent putting things away or looking for lost items, these simple decluttering tips for your home can help you to master the mess once and for all.

The To-Go BoxSmall Round Woven Basket

Keep a box in the laundry room, closet or the trunk of your car for castoff clothing, unwanted toys, items you’ve upgraded and anything else you no longer need. Cover a cardboard box with cute paper or use a wicker basket so the box looks like an attractive part of your décor and not just a chore waiting to be checked off your list. Try to empty the box every week or two so it’s always ready for more.

Clean as You CookBlog43_wash.jpg

Cooking and cleaning don’t need to be two separate chores. Rinse spoons, knives, bowls and cutting boards as you go, and put them directly into the dishwasher as soon as possible. Put ingredients back in the pantry or refrigerator right after you use them. After a meal, rinse dishes immediately and put them in the dishwasher. Then quickly wipe down counters, tables and chairs. Never go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes. Your kitchen will always look great, and you’ll find that the dishes are much easier to deal with before the food on them has dried.

Beware the Landing Zone 2 Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack

Don’t just dump your things on the couch or floor the minute you walk in the door. Take a few extra seconds to put shoes, keys and bags where they belong. Sort mail as soon as you pick it up, discarding junk and putting bills and important letters in their proper place. Buy a rack for shoes, hang hooks for keys and jackets, install an organizer for mail and designate a basket in the closet for hats, gloves and umbrellas. You’ll save yourself cleaning time and reduce the time you spend looking for lost items.

Do the 10-Minute TidyBlog43_sing.jpg

When the mess piles up it can feel like it will take all day to sort out, but you’d be surprised what you can accomplish in just ten minutes a day. Work as quickly as you can and be sure to celebrate whatever progress you’ve made when you’re done. Want to make it even more fun? Turn on your favorite tunes and dance along! This trick is especially helpful at the end of the day. Try to make a quick pass through the whole house to put away all the little things that are out of place, and you’ll start each day afresh with a nice clean slate.

Keep the Memories, Ditch the Stuff

Getting rid of clutter can be hard because we are connected emotionally to many of our possessions. Kids drawings and projects, gifts from loved ones and memorabilia from special times past take up a lot of space in our hearts, but also in our closets. Find a way to display truly special items, then take pictures of the rest and turn them into a book instead of hoarding them in a bin.

Feeling inspired? Our storage systems at tidyliving.com can help you get started. By getting rid of clutter and creating a few simple habits to keep the rest in check, you’ll spend less time cleaning your home and more time enjoying it.


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