10 Steps to a Cleaner Home Office

10 Steps to a Cleaner Home Office

10 Steps to a Cleaner Home Office

With more and more people choosing to or having the option of working from home, it means more employees and independent contractors are setting up home offices. Tidy Living is here with 10 tips for an organized home office so you can maximize your productivity and enjoy working from the comfort of your own home.

1. Use a Color-Coding Filing System 



For jobs that require files, you’ll be better off with a color-coded filing system rather than a labeled one, mainly because you’ll find it’s easier and faster to identify colors than it is for you to read a label. Not only do you save time with this system, there’s also less of a chance of files piling up as you sort through them in search of the right one.

2. Group Materials Together

Like calls to like, and like should be organized with like. Have all your office supplies in one drawer or space, and your computer accessories, organization tools and office equipment grouped together as well. Even if you’re unable to find whatever it is you’re looking for, grouping items together gives you a solid place to start.

3. Ditch Rolltop Desks

If you have several items to put in desk drawers, consider getting a desk that has special accessories instead of drawers. This is a great way to take a quick glance at everything rather than opening, closing and sorting through drawers.

4. Opt for Wheeled FurnitureBlog48_drawer.jpg

By choosing wheeled furniture for your office instead of standard furniture, you have the luxury of easily moving items around to maximize your office space and your convenience.

5. Refrain From Overloading

Once your desk space or filing cabinets are full to overflowing, it’s time to purge. Go through everything on your desk and cabinets to see if there’s anything you can get rid of or put elsewhere. For items you’d rather not throw away, see if they can be donated to a school.

6. Keep Your Files Backed Up

Don’t find out the hard way how much of an inconvenience (or expense) it can be to lose your files. External hard drives, clouds, off-site Internet services and thumb drives are all great secondary storage options.

7. Get Creative

When you’re pressed to find space, use your creativity. Use space-efficient office furniture and accessories, and see if you can do some rearranging to get more space.

8. Keep Your Office Out of Your Bedroom

Before you decide to put a desk in your bedroom, think twice. Besides keeping your bedroom as a place of peace, you don’t want your office clutter and bedroom clutter clashing and mixing together.

9. Get With the TimesBlog48_printer.jpg

To save space and keep overflowing to a minimum, utilize technology. For instance, you don’t really need a Rolodex if all your contact information can be put on your computer or phone. There’s also three-in-one printers that also fax and scan.

10. Take a Few Minutes to Clean at the End of the Workday

Before you call it a day, take 10 minutes to get your desk organized and set for tomorrow. You’re sure to thank yourself.

Use these tips to make your home office more functional and organized. If you find yourself wanting more ideas, Tidy Living is always here to provide.


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