100pk Velvet Hanger Yellow

100pk Velvet Hanger Yellow

100PK Nonslip Slim Plastic Hangers

100PK Nonslip Slim Plastic Hangers

50PK Nonslip Slim Plastic Hangers

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Order a 10-piece package of Nonslip Slim Plastic Hangers from Tidy Living to organize your closet. Whether you’re working on your entry closet or a bedroom closet, slim plastic hangers help maximize space and create optimal organization. The hangers are durable and can hold jackets, blouses, blazers and more. The hangers are accented with nonslip fabric strips that grip the material of your clothing to prevent it from sliding off of the hanger and onto the floor. This ensures that your favorite shirts stay firmly in place, right where you put them. Nonslip hangers are a great choice for silky materials and tops with larger necklines which are more prone to slipping or falling off of a hanger. Our white Nonslip Slim Plastic Hangers are sold in 50 packs and are priced low to make organizing your closet easy and affordable.

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SKU TL16-004-50
Model TL16-004-50
Product Dimension Assembled 17.7 x 0.2 x 9.5 (LxWxH Inches)
Quantity Per Box 50

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